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Alumni Stand by the MBA

You know that getting an MBA means accumulating valuable skills and opening doors to more career options. But have you ever wondered how students feel about their accomplishments after they’ve finished school?

This may not surprise you, but about two-thirds of the people who participated in our most recent Alumni Perspectives Survey say pursuing an MBA was a very valuable investment. Specifically, 62 percent of respondents to the survey rated the value of their degree as outstanding or excellent.

The news also appears good on the careers front. About 94 percent of MBA alumni have jobs, although just 7 percent run their own businesses. More than half of MBA graduates who are employed are involved in the finance/accounting, products/services, or high-tech industries.

This latest survey echoes findings from the 2005 Global MBA Graduate Survey of MBA students in their final year of study, which found that 65% of respondents rate the value of their degree as outstanding or excellent.

Here are some other noteworthy facts: The average employed MBA alumnus earns $82,178 per year and works 50 hours per week. Here’s a look at how the salary figures break down across various industries:










After graduation, MBA alumni most often seek training to develop leadership skills, followed by computer/software skills, general project management skills, and presentation skills.


The 2,209 Alumni Perspectives Survey respondents represent graduates from the MBA classes of 2000, 2001, 2002, 2003, and 2004. Visit for more information on the results.

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