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Same GMAT™ Scores, New Reporting Format

Beginning in late July, you may receive GMAT score reports from Pearson VUE in a new format. These revised score reports are a result of the limited summer testing program we are conducting with Pearson VUE, a business of NCS Pearson, Inc., and ACT, Inc., this summer as our new vendors prepare to take over responsibility for the exam in January 2006. Although the new reports will look different from score reports delivered by ETS, these scores will be official and reflect the same score scale you are used to from ETS®. Because these will be real testing events, the scores will become a part of each candidate’s permanent testing record.

The Limited Summer Test is intended to examine new administrative systems and processes as Pearson VUE and ACT, Inc., gear up to manage global delivery of the GMAT starting in January. Selected GMAT test takers will be able to take the GMAT in 20 cities around the world without charge during July and August, providing an opportunity for Pearson VUE to process a limited number of test takers while verifying GMAT operations.

People selected to participate in the limited summer testing program will be able to register for the GMAT exam using the Pearson VUETM systems beginning June 29. Only first-time GMAT test-takers are being allowed to participate.

If a participant in the Limited Summer Test sends his or her GMAT scores to you, those scores will arrive on slightly different paper with a different layout than you are accustomed to. If you receive your scores electronically from ETS®, a representative from Pearson VUE will contact you to ensure that you continue to have electronic access to GMAT scores.

A candidate participating in the program may choose to retake the GMAT with ETS later in 2005 and send scores to your school. In this case, you will receive scores for that examinee from ETS® as well as from Pearson VUE, making it possible for you to receive score reports in two different formats for a single candidate. Regardless of the reporting format, all GMAT scores will be comparable and official.

Scores for all GMAT exams taken after January 3, 2006—when Pearson VUE takes over operation of the GMAT—will be reported using the new format. The new score reports will introduce enhancements, including a more user-friendly layout and all of a test taker’s GMAT scores for the past five years, including scores from the GMAT Limited Summer Test. Watch for more information on the improvements in Graduate Management News and in other GMAC communications.

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