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European Management Schools Invited to Participate in Study of GMAT™ Exam’s Predictive Power

At GMAC, we’re dedicating to giving you as much information as possible about the characteristics of people who apply to business school. This summer, we’re studying how well an applicant’s GMAT score can predict overall grade point average and grades in specific types of b-school courses at European institutions.

Every European business or management school that participates in this project will not only be entitled to access to the results of the full study, but also receive a customized, school-specific report. At your school’s request, GMAC will also study the predictive value of factors unique to your MBA program—giving you insight into the profile of your student population.

The study will also examine how other admissions and demographic factors—such as undergraduate degree, native language, nationality, and gender—affect prediction of b-school academic performance in Europe. GMAC will use the results of the study to further its continued efforts to better understand and serve the European business school market. The GMAT exam is the most reliable predictor of how a student will perform academically in business school, and GMAC has studied GMAT predictive validity (the power to predict student grades) extensively.

GMAC will be collecting data for this ongoing study through July; a final report detailing the results is scheduled for completion in early 2006.

For more information about the Validity Study Service, visit the Validity Study Service Web page on or email

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