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Results of 2005 Corporate Recruiters Survey Released

The 2005 Corporate Recruiters Survey of companies that hire MBA graduates has yielded the most positive results since GMAC initiated the study in 2001.

This year’s survey results show that after a few tough years for MBA grads seeking jobs, demand for MBAs just out of school has increased, with companies generally seeking to hire more MBA grads in 2005 than they did in 2004. Recruiters are also planning to visit more business schools than they did last year, looking for new hires.

Other results of the survey that differed from years past include corporate recruiters’ assessment of the state of the economy. In the 2001–02 survey, 99% percent of recruiters surveyed said the economy was weak. In last year’s survey, 82% said the economy was weak. This year, only 55% described the economy as weak, indicating a significantly more optimistic outlook on the part of recruiters.

For more survey results from this year and past years, visit the Corporate Recruiters Survey page in the Research and Trends section of


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