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New School Codes Distributed in April 2005

The new codes are here! GMAC has just sent business schools new codes that GMAT test takers will use when designating programs to receive their scores on the exam. These new codes will replace the DI codes business school applicants currently use when taking the GMAT exam.


What the New Codes Will Do for You

What's so exciting about new codes? They are designed to allow admissions professionals to obtain more comprehensive information about score-reporting trends and other high-value market intelligence. For instance, the codes will allow you to—

  • see what test takers' program preferences are
  • conduct competitive analyses of your market by program type
  • position yourself now to do increasingly sophisticated analysis in the years ahead


You Provide the Contact Information, We'll Supply the Program Codes

Despite our efforts to contact every GMAT using school, we still haven’t received contact information from a number of programs that depend on the GMAT exam as a critical part of their admissions processes. Programs that delay in letting us know where to send the new codes risk being unable to receive score reports when new electronic score reporting services and the new codes go into effect in January 2006.

If your school has not yet responded to our requests for contact information, please get in touch with us promptly at We need the names of all programs at your institution that use GMAT scores, the mailing addresses of those programs, and the name of a contact person for each program.


Help Test Takers Find Your Programs: Publish the New Codes This Year

Although the new codes will not be activated until next January, they are being distributed in April to allow schools to include the updated information in viewbooks and other printed and online materials aimed at graduate management program applicants this fall and early in 2006. Publishing the codes early will help test takers ensure that their scores go to the programs in which they are most interested.

Don't worry about not receiving score reports from test takers who use the old codes after January 1, 2006. The old DI codes will continue to work even after the new ones become active. But, that doesn't mean schools can do without the new codes: Business schools must use the new codes to access score reports once GMAC transitions to new test vendors next year.

If you have any questions about the new score codes or anything else related to the GMAT vendor transition, please contact GMAC at For all the latest news on the GMAT transition, visit


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