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GMAC™ and MBA CSC Sign Agreement Regarding Employment Data

In January 2005, the Graduate Management Admission Council (GMAC) and the MBA Career Services Council (MBA CSC) signed an agreement sealing their strategic partnership. Their alliance centers on the organizations’ shared commitment to enhancing the integrity of the MBA graduate employment information made available to the stakeholders of graduate management education.

Under the new agreement, GMAC and MBA CSC will collaborate in pursuing the following objectives:

  • Collecting employment data from graduate business schools
  • Ensuring the accuracy, reliability, and integrity of the employment data collected
  • Assuring schools that they retain ownership of all data they submit to GMAC and/or MBA CSC (and ensuring that a school’s data will not be released to other schools, students, prospective students, or the media without express permission of the school)
  • Assisting schools in complying with the MBA CSC Standards for Reporting MBA Employment Statistics (MBA CSC Standards) in their reporting of data

Employment data will be collected by both organizations through their respective websites. GMAC will collect all school data through its recently expanded MBA Pathfinder data warehouse, on (

The GMAC quality assurance and accountability program that has ensured the reliability of admissions and enrollment data submitted to GMAC since 2002 will now be expanded to include employment data, in order to ensure that this information is reported according to the MBA CSC Standards. MBA CSC also will provide ongoing interpretive and technical assistance to help schools comply with the Standards. These assurance processes, based on American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA) procedures, will ultimately enable business schools and the public to obtain reliable, accurate, and comparable industry data.

For more information on the GMAC and MBA CSC agreement, submitting data to the MBA Pathfinder® data warehouse, or the school search tool, please contact or call 1-703-749-0131.

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