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January-February 2005

  What's New

The Bologna Accord: A European Revolution with Global Implications

A revolution is currently under way in European higher education that will bring about significant change by 2010—including 2.4 million new bachelor’s graduates per year. The meaning and magnitude of the Bologna Accord are only starting to be realized, but some effects are already being felt—and not just in Europe. This first installment in a two-part story is meant as a primer on the Bologna Accord and what it may mean. It also offers a wake-up call to U.S. b-schools, who should be prepared for the post-Bologna applicants and transcripts they are likely to see very soon.   . . . read more

  GMAT Transition News

GMAC™ to Provide New GMAT™ Score Codes in April 2005

As part of improvements in the GMAT program starting in 2006, GMAC is assigning new codes for GMAT using business school programs that will mean quicker access to scores and more detailed GMAT related information than ever before. Find out what the new codes mean to you and when you can expect yours.   . . . read more

  GMAT Transition News

GMAC™ Seeks Test-Prep Instructors to Attend GMAT™ Seminar

With new GMAT information and services coming in 2006, test-prep organizations will need to have the latest information to give their pupils. Although the test won’t change, test centers, score reporting, and test-prep software will. To give the test-prep companies time to update their teaching materials, GMAC is sponsoring a half-day seminar in March—and we need your help to recruit the right participants!   . . . read more

  What's New

Beijing Court Affirms Copyright Protection for GMAT™ in China

In a precedent-setting decision released on December 27, 2004, the Beijing High Court (the highest court in Beijing, China) ruled in favor of the Graduate Management Admission Council in the Council’s copyright infringement suit against the Beijing New Oriental School (BNOS). The case is one of the first intellectual property cases to be litigated in China after China’s admission to the World Trade Organization; it has been closely watched as an indicator of the extent to which intellectual property rights will be enforced in China.   . . . read more

  What's New

GMAC™ and MBA CSC Sign Agreement Regarding Employment Data

A new agreement seals the deal between GMAC and MBA CSC to ensure quality and uniformity in the collection and reporting of MBA employment data.   . . . read more

  Data & Trends

Global GMAT™ Volume Tops 200,000 in 2004

GMAT volume continued to slow in 2004, but test-taking activity in some key regions rose significantly as the year drew to a close.   . . . read more

  Effective Practices

B-Schools Worldwide Respond to Tsunami with Money and Other Support

The tsunami that ravaged nations bordering the Indian Ocean in December prompted a quick response from business schools, which organized fundraising drives and took steps to help students affected by the disaster. Please share your school’s efforts to deal with this international crisis with Graduate Management News by emailing us at   . . . read more



See what’s happening at GMAC.   . . . read more

  People on the Move

People on the Move

See who the movers and shakers are in this installment of “People on the Move.” And don’t forget to tell us your good news by sending promotion and hiring announcements to   . . . read more

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