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New MBA Pathfinder™ Data Warehouse Coming Soon

GMAC, in close cooperation with the business school community, is expanding the online MBA Pathfinder school search database to include substantially more b-school information than ever before.

The new school search tool, scheduled to be unveiled in 2005, is set to enter the next phase of its development in October, when schools will be able to enter more extensive information through Deans and other school professionals are encouraged to make certain that their institutions provide the information promptly after the collection stage begins, to ensure that their updated data are searchable by prospective students in the new-and-improved MBA Pathfinder when it is launched next year. Schools that already participate in MBA Pathfinder will be notified by email when it is time to enter new data.

Beyond helping students choose the b-schools they wish to apply to, the new data warehouse is intended to make it easier for schools to respond to information requests from media and other organizations seeking data for rankings and other surveys. School officials will only need to supply information to the data warehouse once a year, and will be able to trust that all information submitted is supplied according to the same standards.

As with the database underlying the current MBA Pathfinder, information submitted to the data warehouse will be reported according to the standards and definitions set forth in the MBA Reporting Criteria document. To ensure the accuracy of the data warehouse’s contents, GMAC plans to continue its random audits of the information provided by each school. Each year, about 30 schools whose data is in the MBA Pathfinder system can expect to receive visits by auditors from KPMG. Every school participating in the data warehouse can expect to be audited at least once every five years. GMAC will also continue its mock audit program, which allows schools to volunteer for unofficial audits of their data in preparation for real audits.

Stay tuned. GMAC will keep you up-to-date as work on the new MBA Pathfinder continues.

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