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Face-to-Face Recruiting in a Post–MBA Forums World

As you may know, in consultation with the GMAC Board of Directors and at the recommendation of the GMAC Recruiting Services Advisory Committee, GMAC announced in January 2003 that the 2003 MBA Forums season would be the final season for the school fairs. Over the past four years, schools have actively pursued alternatives to MBA Forums, such as specialized tours with other schools and other vendors in the face-to-face recruiting market. Dwindling participation in MBA Forums by schools and prospective students, coupled with rising costs and increased competition, spurred the decision to end the forums.

To meet schools’ face-to-face recruiting needs, two primary sources offer fairs focusing exclusively on the MBA market—The MBA Tour and The World MBA Tour. Both organizers have fairs that visit top markets throughout the world. GMAC does not endorse either organization, nor has it arranged for either group to take over markets previously served by MBA Forums.

Whether you decide to use one of the larger tour operations (such as those mentioned above), form an alliance with other schools and visit different markets together, go it alone by conducting your own presentations around the world, or employ some combination of these options, you should consider using two GMAC products to publicize your events. The Graduate Management Admission Search Service (GMASS) and Applicant Finder are the perfect tools to identify students who fit your ideal demographics and who live in areas you will be visiting. Both tools are name database products that allow you to search for students interested in graduate business school using criteria specific to your needs. GMASS is a database of potential applicants who have taken the GMAT. Applicant Finder is a database of potential applicants who have registered on, the GMAC website for prospective students, and may not be as far along in their decision making as those who have already taken the GMAT.

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