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Diversity Pipeline Alliance Releases 2003 Pipeline Report

The Diversity Pipeline Alliance, a group of organizations devoted to cultivating minority participation in business education and business careers, will release the 2003 Pipeline Report at the end of September. The report is a follow-up to the first Pipeline Report, released in 2002, which made the case for fostering more minority participation in business in the face of growing labor shortages and an increasing demand for minority talent in corporate America.

The 2003 Pipeline Report points out some current disparities between the educational exposure and attainment of U.S. whites and underrepresented minorities (Native Americans, African Americans, and Hispanic Americans) and urges those who teach and influence minority students to help guide them to high-level courses and higher education. Additionally, the report highlights statistics on minority participation in MBA and doctoral business programs. It also offers action steps and a list of resources for minority students, parents and guardians, and educators.

The 2003 Pipeline Report will be distributed in print and will also be available on the Diversity Pipeline Alliance website,

For more information about the 2003 Pipeline Report or the Diversity Pipeline Alliance, please contact Karen Johns, executive director, Diversity Pipeline Alliance, at or visit

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