Graduate Management News

September-October 2003

  Effective Practices

Tackling the Top 10 Challenges in Career Services

A limited number of available jobs is only one of the many challenges b-school career services professionals face. Veteran career services director and author Sherrie Gong Taguchi shares creative approaches to the top 10 challenges.   . . . read more

  Data & Trends

Application Trends Survey 2003 Results Quantify the Change from Last Year

Wonder how 2003 application volume at your program compares with the trend? GMAC’s annual Application Trends Survey can provide some answers and assistance as you plan for next year.   . . . read more

  Data & Trends

MBA Alumni Perspectives Survey Reveals ‘Class Differences’

In a semiannual survey, MBA alumni showed that changing times have colored graduates’ perceptions of the MBA experience.   . . . read more

  What's New

Diversity Pipeline Alliance Releases 2003 Pipeline Report

The 10-member coalition of organizations known as the Diversity Pipeline Alliance is releasing the 2003 Pipeline Report, a reality check on the status of minority participation in higher education and business and a call to action for educators, parents, and others who influence young U.S. minority students.   . . . read more


Admissions Officers Learned and Shared Best Practices at 2003 Professional Development Program

Twenty-three years old and counting, Professional Development Program remains an essential part of new admissions officers’ training and offers new knowledge for seasoned b-school professionals who want help keeping up with the changing admissions environment.   . . . read more

  What's New

GMAT Volume

GMAT™ test-taking volume for 2003 continues to mimic volume during the first half of 2001.   . . . read more

  Data & Trends

People on the Move

Who’s new? Who knew?! Read ‘People on the Move’ and meet the new crew.   . . . read more

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