GMAC in Africa

GMAC is dedicated to helping schools across Africa elevate the quality and reputation of their graduate management education programs.

Learn what GMAC is doing to build the pipeline of qualified candidates in Africa.

We are dedicated to helping schools around the world elevate the quality and reputation of their graduate management education programs through talent evaluation, assessment services, and related programs.

Students from countries across Africa are concerned they under perform compared to their non-African counterparts on the GMAT exam. Graduate management programs that promote preparation will help improve GMAT performance and contribute to a sustainable pipeline of quality talent across the continent. GMAC offers a wide range of resources aimed at building awareness of the value and importance of test preparation in the region. 

GMAC Africa Pipeline Development Project

The GMAC Africa Pipeline Development Project is a collaborative framework that encourages GMAT preparation. The project encourages practice through the distribution and use of support materials. In all cases, the central intent is to grow the career-ready management talent pool from among African undergraduate students, graduate management prospects, and other participants. To learn more about this program contact

Success Through Practice

African education systems and learning styles generally are based on memorization—not the ability to solve problems, think critically or to analyze, resulting in under performance on the GMAT exam. However, performance improves when students are challenged repeatedly with problems requiring analytical and reasoning skills. GMAC's Africa Pipeline Development Project is focused on increasing the number of qualified African prospects for employment and higher education with exposure to the right preparation tools, guidance, and time investment to succeed on the GMAT exam.

GMAT average study hours

The chart below shows the correlation between time invested in practice and GMAT exam performance.