Attracting Candidates to U.S. Business Schools

GMAC Launches New Campaign to Attract Candidates to U.S. Business Schools

In conversations with schools in the last year and earlier this year, many asked if GMAC could do more to promote graduate business education amid a complex political and economic environment. We understood that domestic candidates were experiencing the healthiest U.S. job market in years, and international prospects didn’t feel safe or welcome to study in the United States. GMAC took two key actions.

The first initiative – which we refer to as the “Chair’s Initiative” is being led by Bill Boulding, Dean of the Fuqua School of Business at Duke University and Chair of GMAC’s Board of Directors.  This initiative is designed to encourage policymakers to take steps that will improve the free flow of talent.  The second - "Why GME, Why Now, Why the U.S.” is a paid social media campaign aimed at candidates who are questioning whether or not GME is still a path that yields a great return on investment and whether the US should remain in their consideration set.

The campaign – a partnership between GMAC’s Americas marketing team and admission deans and directors at a number of US schools – is a series of short-form videos designed to affirm to candidates that now is the perfect time to apply to business school. These admissions directors from eleven schools of all tiers, large and small, public and private, addressed topics like:

  1. Why candidates should pursue an MBA degree
  2. The value proposition of business school
  3. The short and long-term return on investment of a GME degree
  4. Career outcomes of recent alumni
  5. Reasons to apply now
  6. Reasons to apply to US Business Schools

The recordings were edited down to short :15, :30 and :60 clips to appeal to distracted prospects and the campaign launched in August on Facebook and Instagram, platforms that best serve short video content. To date, with only the first three interviews released, the campaign has generated more than 800,000 impressions. New videos will launch every six weeks, and candidates will be prompted to visit to learn more about graduate business education.

We extend a huge “thank you” to each of the admission professionals who partnered with us.  We hope the effort goes far in impacting the pipeline for GME and applicants to your programs.



  If you have any questions, please reach out to your Market Development Manager.


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