A Whole New World of Opportunity: Collaboration in the Virtual World

The Regents of the University of California, San Diego, Rady School of Management (San Diego)

This project creates a virtual campus to foster collaboration across graduate management programs internationally. Students will be able to navigate an online, interactive environment that will offer opportunities to receive coaching and attend seminars and other group learning activities.

Implementation Dates: May 2012-April 2014

Description: The first phase of the project includes the development and launch of the virtual environment, and the second phase will be a “soft opening” of the environment, including participation from a select number of international universities, followed by a grand opening when the platform is opened and marketed to interested universities.

Progress Update December 2012: Welcome to VirBELA
UCSD introduces the alpha version of VirBELA, a 3D virtual environment dedicated to the graduate management community, offering an environment for networking and collaboration.