Management Research Platform (MRP)

Submitted by: Sanjith Yeruva, (India) University of Wisconsin-Madison

Summary: Faculty and students present research articles published in scientific journals as a part of course work, seminars or scientific conferences. Such presentation files (ppt /videos) are frequently uploaded on the University websites or on video platforms like YouTube and remain scattered. There is no universal video repository that organizes this content a systematic manner. There is no platform for global dissemination of management research with collaborative features.

Full Description: With the video emerging as a important mode of learning, students, faculty now are gravitating towards video lectures, content delivered as presentation files. Faculty and students perform research and publish them in scientific journals. Many of the academic articles are presented in seminars or lectures as a part of course work, scientific meetings or conferences. Such presentation files (ppt) / videos of the presentation are frequently uploaded on the internet, lab web pages or in University web sites and freely accessible to everyone. However this important component of management education remains un-adapted to the video-based learning due to the fact that videos/power point files dealing with the research article are scattered.  Why cannot we organize the content pertaining to management research in a logical and meaningful fashion?

What does it take to collate the user defined content on research articles and link them up with the content available for the literature cited in them? The proposal aims to solve this problem by creating a video repository (MRP) to serve as a focal point for integration of all freely available research videos in a systematic manner. Every article in any journal has unique identifier (ID). Quite simply MRP interlinks the videos/ppt files of a research article with videos/ppt files of their references leveraging their IDs. Further MRP incorporates features for collaboration and global dissemination of management research content.

The research article video repository is truly global in its scope and vision. It is intended to serve everyone involved in business management research and education in institutions across the globe. By incorporating features like article related discussion forums/chat interface the video repository can transform as a very enriching and dynamic platform revolving around management research. This could facilitate interactions between faculty and students, and assume the role of a global collaborative center for management research. This could be a great impetus to research in management education across the globe. MRP can be further evolved to make it a multilingual platform. With the advancements in transcription and translation it is now possible to automatically incorporate “captioning “ as well as translate into a language of choice. MRP Chat and transcription and translation software facilitate interaction as well as access the content in language of choice.

Eventually MRP can evolve as a social networking platform focused on management research and research based collaboration. The video repository will be available online and accessible via mobile devices as well. The foot print of management education can be extended to meet the demands of educators and students of this 21st century.

The problem is real. The solution is simple. The potential is immense. The first step is to create a web platform and a software tool that can link up articles based on their unique identifiers. The software can retrieve research article videos and associate them with their unique identifiers. So existing online video content on management research will be identified and tagged with their unique IDs. The software also extracts unique ids of reference articles of that research article from the journal where they are published. So any given research article video is linked to its references via their unique ID's. Whenever any new content (reference article videos) are uploaded online, MRP can automatically link them up to their related research article videos. Secondly users can either upload new research article videos along with their unique ids or provide video links along with their unique id’s on MRP.MRP automatically links related articles. An online campaign will be launched across universities to encourage educators/students to take advantage of MRP. Searching for relevant content online remains needle in a haystack. MRP aims to comprehensively solve the problem. Successful implementation of MRP can revolutionize education and collaboration in management research and it can serve as a model template for other fields of study as well. Users experience will transform from "searching info " to "finding info" in a very interactive and collaborative rich setting.