Cloud Business Networking

Submitted by: Pritesh Sikchi (India), Green Quotient

Summary: Management schools are all about networking. Every school boasts of alumni groups or researching faculties that, very scientifically speaking, increase a chances for "being at the right time, at the right place and amongst the right kind of people”. This probability should not be allowed to be made proprietary. In the world of the internet and "cloud computing”, where the human race is converging to share and exchange ideas, don’t you think that we need a common platform for B schools too?

Full Description: A common platform for sharing of information and knowledge amongst all the business schools will be a great way to improve graduate management education. The fact that collaborative and “open source” ideas are now overpowering monopolistic and proprietary techniques of conducting business, next generation managers need to be trained in this information age renaissance. When schools start sharing their insights and findings with each other through a forum, there will be debates and brainstorming sessions across the world and thus the activities that generate ideas and facilitate human appetite to innovate will be triggered. GMAC already being the apex, not-for-profit organization run by the schools themselves, should be an ideal implementing agency to get the resources, technology, finance and upkeep needed for such a “global library of business”. The scale of such a project will probably be bigger than Wikipedia, and will command utmost creativity and optimization to put across huge amount of data for the benefit of millions sitting in different parts of the world. Businesses too are going global. In fact no one today can only think to compete locally. With the economic paradigm now shifting towards the East, which has its share of lingual and cultural barriers, it will become increasingly important to tap local intelligence on a global level. Such an online platform will serve the purpose of any graduate student who seeks intelligence.

Imagine a certain John at UCLA Anderson sitting in LA trying to figure out how much should be consider the rate of inflation for Singapore to be for calculating the value of his investments in the Asia Pacific region? He logs on to the permanent account on the GLB portal, types his account details which he got when he registered for his GMAT, and simply gets in touch with Feng in NUS Singapore by simple searching for him over the GLB portal. Feng then shares with his research reports, authorized by the NUS, which John can cite in his reports as the data source. Maybe after they finish sharing reports during their MBA, Feng and John can collaborate to facilitate cargo transfer between John’s company in LA with a vendor Feng knows in China. A dedicated social networking site for all MBAs enrolled across the globe will have far reaching effects on business as people will stop wasting time and money on first finding the right people to do business with and later doing third party due diligence to prove that they are indeed the right people to do business with. Also, at $250 for registration for the test, the membership for such a network will be a default “premium account” for all those appearing for the GMAT and will attract only the serious and genuinely interested individuals.

The best part about this project is that everything is collaborative, even the cost involved to implement it. MBA schools normally are associated with universities that are centers of research for various fields of science. Almost all of them have a robust amount of computing power to run their research. Connecting all these super computers into one formidable network to power the world greatest resource centre which will house books, research and most importantly intelligence will be the most comprehensive way GMAC can improve diversity in each and every business school in the world. We are living in the world of Google and Facebook who have the technology and know-how to implement free-to-use information storing and representation systems. Every faculty member, every student and every alumnus of every B school in the world should have an account in this network, and those who don’t, will want to be part of it owing to the huge amount of possibilities and opportunities that it will possess. Everyone is internet savvy. Get them an account. Set up a few servers in the GMAC warehouses and dictate a set of rules to run this forum and you might be seeing a revolution unfold.