Projects for Good

Net Impact | San Francisco

Net Impact is creating a virtual marketplace that matches non-profit organizations in need of innovative ideas and business solutions with teams of interested MBA students.

Implementation Dates: April 2012-June 2014

Description: Projects for Good provides students with real-world learning opportunities that cultivate ethical leadership and experience using their business skills to advance solutions to social challenges. Net Impact currently supports students on over 25 campuses who undertake projects such as developing a fundraising strategy for a local Habitat for Humanity or a web implementation strategy for a local Humane Society. Funding from GMAC will enable us to scale an existing program to 100s of business schools.

i2i Challenge Ideas being implemented:

Progress Update November 2012: Making it Easier for Students to Find Projects of Social Good
Net Impact moves from finalizing its needs assessment to the next phases of its project, which include technical specifications and the pilot program. Hear from Net Impact Vice President Scott Klienman.