MET Fund i2i Challenge Winning Ideas

In 2011, the MET Fund selected its top 20 ideas from more than 650 concepts from 60 countries.

Below are the top 20 ideas entered into Phase 1 of the GMAC MET Fund Ideas to Innovation (i2i) Challenge. These creative and thought-provoking concepts are rich with the potential to transform graduate management education. During Phase 2 of the challenge, 17 of these ideas will be implemented by 12 non-profit schools and education providers from the U.S., Canada, Spain, Italy, India and Botswana.


Contextualizing Graduate Management Education: Creating New Degrees Using Stackable Knowledge Units
Alice Stewart (US), North Carolina A&T State University
Using stackable educational units and certificates can create customized and unique graduate management education. Read more.

Leading in a Civilian Context
M. Kendall Fitch (US), Harvard University
An MBA course for veterans that leverages service experience, speeds time to degree completion, and provides community and reentry support. Read more.

Moving Towards a New Admission Process
Orsolya O.Szabo (Hungary), HEC Paris
Increase diversity in the classroom and, in turn, business globally through an innovative selection method. Read more.

SME Partnership MBA Program
Yousef Al-Tamimi (Jordan), German Jordanian University
Create a unique MBA program that meets the ambitions of entrepreneurs in domestic economies by solving the challenges that face Small and Medium Enterprises. Read more.


Physical and Intellectual Growth: The Augeo Project
Proctored students will teach certificate programs in their local communities that propagate workforce earning power and increase enrollment for business schools around the globe. Read more.

Professionalizing the MBA through Service to Others
Erich Dierdorff (US), DePaul University
Provide a structure to enable MBA students to serve others by teaching business to underrepresented urban student populations. Read more.

Using "Big Ideas" to Solve Big Problems
James Falbe, International Service Partners (US)
Only by training today's managers in the "Big Ideas" will they be able to treat both the symptoms and causes of tomorrow's big problems. Read more.

Practical Challenge for Social Good
Sisi Zhu (US), Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Through practical projects, students will execute real-life problem solving and planning, and put their leadership and teamwork abilities to the test. Read more.

Externship, Preparing for the Telecom Age
Aadel Al-Jadda (US), University of Rochester
Develop an exercise between universities that enables students to better understand and experience the limitations and differences telecommuting creates. Read more.

Communication and Information Technology: What else is there?
Lauren Hanat (US), Lehigh University
Students who excel in using information technology will be great leaders because they demonstrate the ability to learn and change. Read more.


Cloud Business Networking
Pritesh Sikchi (India), Green Quotient
Create a platform in which the management education community can converge, share, and exchange ideas to drive innovation. Read more.

Management Research Platform (MRP)
Sanjith Yeruva (India), University of Wisconsin-Madison
Create a platform for global dissemination of management research with collaborative features. Read more.

A Whole New World of Opportunity: Collaboration in the Virtual World
Alex Howland/Ronald S. Rembisz (US), Alliant International University
A graduate management virtual world education community to promote collaboration. Read more.

Crowdsourced Open Consulting from the Classroom
Wade Eyerly (US), Defense Intelligence Agency
By using an innocentive-like model, companies large and small would be able to offer up potential student projects to MBA teams in a central repository. Read more.

Alternate Reality Training for Management Education: A Third Way to Teach Management
Ethan Mollick (US), Wharton School of Business
Unite thousands of current and aspiring business students in a real-life scenario that plays out over the course of an academic year or longer. Read more.


The Hub Network: How GMAC™ Can Get Ahead of the Business Incubator Trend
Chukwuma Nze (Nigeria), Loyola Marymount University
GMAC can address this by creating a web application restricted to students interested in entrepreneurship. Read more.

Every Student Creates a Business Plan
Dawn Iacobucci (US), Vanderbilt University
Every student writes a fully detailed business plan to improve something in the business or the world. Read more.

Practical Entrepreneurship Education for MBA Candidates
Patrick Cheung (Canada), MaRS
Create a real-world, cross-functional entrepreneurship program that fosters practicality and immerses students in an environment that breeds innovation and future success. Read more.

World Issues Focus on Integrity Innovation (WIFII)
Mariana Lebron (US), Syracuse University
By bringing business leaders, faculty, and students together, WIFII will make integrity a core foundation of innovative success. Read more.

Build 60 International Graduate Management Education Programs in Less Developed Regions in 5 Years
Richard Zhou (China), China-CEIBS
Increase access for underrepresented populations, bolster local academic prosperity, and increase global communications. Read more.