The Global Integrative Module

ESADE Business School (Barcelona)

The Global Integrative Module proposes a joint teaching and learning experience between ESADE and three other international business schools in the EU, US, and East Asia through an online platform.

TeamMBA: The Business of Giving Back 
Implementation Dates: April 2012-January 2015

Description: This program requires students (undergraduate, MSc and MBA) to integrate knowledge and competencies acquired in various previously pursued courses to evaluate and establish a personal position on a global management challenge. Students are confronted with an authentic problem, whose complexity will require their addressing it from the social, political, people management and economic dimensions. Students will work in teams composed of students from different institutions (and thus from diverse cultural backgrounds) and from different academic programs (and thus of various profile and equipped with different kinds of expertise) using both conceptual and practical knowledge derived from stakeholders whom they will also be required to interview to construct their positioning on the matter. This program is based on the transfer of educational innovation knowledge from previous success implementations of the Integrative Module in the curriculum of the Bachelor of Business Administration at ESADE, and will take place during two academic years.

i2i Challenge Ideas being Implemented:

Progress Update November 2012: Take a Peek Inside the Global Integrated Initiative E-Platform
Students from diverse backgrounds use a collaborative e-platform to work together on a problem-solving task. Hear from Co-Director Anna Inesta, PhD.

Progress Update August 2012:  Finding Solutions to Real Problems
ESADE plans a multifaceted learning experience that lets groups of students from diverse backgrounds solve real-life challenges. Hear from Associate Director Maika Valencia.