Class Profile and Graduation Data Form

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 Class Data
   Entering Class Data
  Number of Applications Received 
  Number of Admission Offers Made 
  Number of Students Matriculating 
        % Female
        % Citizens of School's Home Country/Region 
        % Citizens Outside School's Home Country/Region 
        Number of Citizenships Represented
  GMAT: Mean 
        % Reporting a GMAT Score
  Age: Mean 
  (US Schools Only) 
        % African American
        % Asian American
        % Hispanic or Latino American
        % Multiethnic/Multicultural
        % Native American
        % White (Non-Hispanic)
        % Chose not to Report
        % Other
   Graduation Data
  Number of new Graduates 
  % Employed within Three(3) Months of Graduation 
  Mean Base Salary 
  (Excluding signing bonuses or other guaranteed compensation)
  % Reporting Base Salary