Reflect for Individual Users

Reflect HR AwardHuman Resource Executive Magazine Top Product Winner, 2013

“By putting this tool into the hands of the very people it aims to improve—MBA students and professionals, as opposed to your managers, supervisors or other corporate leaders—Hogan and GMAC are giving you sole ownership of your soft-skills status, plan for improvement, and report accessibility.”

 From Human Resource Executive Online, Tuesday, October 1, 2013

A study by found that 71 percent of employers value emotional intelligence over IQ. Emotional intelligence is embodied in a person’s soft skills, or how they handle themselves and relate to others. In today’s fast-paced, global economy, soft skills are critical for organization success.

That’s where the Reflect™ tool makes a difference. Reflect sheds light on your soft skills, providing a heightened awareness of how your strengths and weaknesses impact your job performance.

Reflect doesn’t just deliver abstract results. It is the only interactive platform that goes beyond results to provide you with a personalized action plan and extensive resource library to help you reach your full leadership potential – much like a virtual coach.

How? Reflect provides you with:

  • Concrete steps you can take to enhance strengths, mitigate weaknesses, and improve performance.
  • Benchmark data of 14 job families that helps you understand the drivers of success in your potential career path.
  • The ability to compare your strengths and weaknesses to other high-performing professionals.

"Skilled management – especially those competent in the management of people in organizations – is the key determinant of organizational success.”

"Seventy-one percent of employers value emotional intelligence over IQ."