Know yourself for success.

"Year after year employers identify the fact that well-developed soft skills are of paramount importance in the hiring and promotion process."

—Joseph P. Fox, Associate Dean and Director of MBA Programs at Washington University in St. Louis, Inside Higher Ed

The Reflect™ tool evaluates 10 soft skills, such as innovation, operational thinking, and drive, that business schools, corporate recruiters, and top executives identified as critical in both the classroom and office. Students who use the Reflect tool are better prepared for a successful business school experience and post-b-school career. How? Reflect provides students:
  • A heightened self-awareness of who they are and how they are perceived by others
  • A customized action plan to enhance strengths, mitigate weaknesses and improve performance.
  • The business vocabulary to communicate who they are and what they offer to classmates and future employers.

For Admissions Officers: The Reflect tool can help candidates describe themselves in a more structured manner and illustrate how their strengths and experiences are an asset to the program.

For Program Directors: The Reflect tool can help you create orientation activities, craft cohorts, and build development programs targeted to your class. Additionally, because Reflect helps students actively develop their leadership skills, your students’ classroom and team performance will be stronger.

For Career Services: The Reflect tool helps students develop the skills that are most important for their specific career path and that prospective employers seek. Because Reflect can be used with or without a facilitator, it also helps maximize your school’s resources.