3 Steps to Success

As a comprehensive personality insight tool, Reflect™ helps you to understand and improve your soft skills, which top executives and corporate recruiters recognize as critical for job performance and organization success.

How It Works Assess_b
1. Assess

Your employees complete a set of questions around 10 soft skills, or competencies, at their own pace. When the assessment is complete, they submit it for scoring. Within minutes, they can access their results.  

How it works 2
2. Discover

Your employees receive a personalized report that explains their score in each of the 10 competencies and what each score means for them. They can view specific, concrete ways to immediately improve their job performance and access career benchmark data to understand which competencies drive success in 14 job families. 

3. Improve

With the guidance of tips, videos, and articles chosen based on their scores, your employees will uncover ways to better handle challenges, solve problems, and interact with colleagues. They can build a library of helpful resources, keep track of their progress, and compare their strengths to others.