Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I buy Reflect?
GMAC is no longer marketing and selling new subscriptions for its Reflect by GMAC soft-skills assessment nor advancing the product beyond its current state.
I have a Reflect key that I have not yet activated. What should I do?
Reflect license keys are valid for use anytime up to three years from their date of purchase. Schools and individual buyers with a valid license key can continue to activate their key on the Reflect website.
What if I have activated my license key and am currently using the product?
GMAC will continue to support the product until the end of your contract/subscription, which is three years from the date of license key activation. As such, you (and your students) will continue to have access to their Reflect results and report, development plan and learning resources for the term of your subscription.
What are soft skills?

Also known as competencies, soft skills are the important leadership skills that are not measured on standardized tests or acquired in the classroom. They embody an individual’s ability to work with others, make critical decisions, and think strategically – all factors that drive success.

Why are soft skills important?

It is well-documented in corporate and education settings around the world that soft skills – personal attributes that enhance an individual’s interactions, job performance, and career prospects – are important to how work gets done and how individual and organizational success is achieved.

What is the Reflect™ product?

The Reflect™ product is a personality assessment and development tool. After an individual takes the assessment, he or she receives a personalized Reflect Report that summarizes and helps them develop their leadership potential.

How does the Reflect™ product work?

The Reflect™ tool is based on three academically and commercially proven world-class assessments from Hogan Assessments. Using 10 competencies defined by over 800 corporate recruiters and 40 graduate business schools as being important in the workplace, the Reflect tool helps users understand their personal and professional strengths and development areas. Those insights are turned into action items to help users grow and achieve their professional goals or take the next step in their professional education.

How does the Reflect™ product help an individual improve their soft skills?

The Reflect™ tool helps an indvidual build skills that offset weaknesses and leverage strengths. For example, a person high in Innovation may provide many new ideas and concepts to a team (the positive), but might not be able to stop providing insights – even after the team has agreed to a solution (the negative). By using the Reflect tool, that individual can learn to modify his or her behavior to be more productive and develop new skills to avoid potential derailers.

What does the Reflect™ tool measure?

The Reflect™ tool measures an individual’s natural inclination. The Reflect report individuals receive after taking the assessment helps them understand how others might perceive them, from how they interact with people to how they handle challenges.

How is the Reflect™ tool different from other assessments?

The Reflect™ tool is different from other assessments in several ways:

  • It was designed to be self-paced and interpreted by an individual – without the support of a career or leadership coach
  • It provides 200 resources tailored to individual results
  • It was developed with input from corporate recruiters and business schools
  • Its interactive benchmarking feature helps individuals identify any key “gaps” between their competencies and those important in their chosen field
  • It offers a workshop area where users can track the key actions and behaviors they want to work on, along with their favorite learning resources
  • It provides access to a full library of learning materials
  • Its content is written in the language of business, not psychology, psychometrics, or personality
How long does it take to complete the assessment?

The Reflect™ assessment is divided into four sections and takes approximately 45 minutes to complete. Users can start and stop at any time; when they return to the assessment, they are automatically redirected to where they left off.

What is included with the Reflect™ product?

Once a user takes the assessment, he or she receives access to valuable insights and tools, including:

  • An individualized Reflect™ Report
  • More than 200 learning resources for 3 full years
  • A customized action plan, listing 12 activities and behaviors to start, stop, and continue in order to enhance career development
  • Interactive career benchmarking feature that highlights the drivers of success in 14 career families
  • Online access from anywhere, including an iPod, iPad and other mobile devices
How long has the Reflect™ tool been available?

GMAC launched the Reflect™ product on February 21, 2013. Because the product is so new, we currently do not have usage data from schools or employers using the product.

Who will see Reflect™ scores?

Scores are completely confidential – only users will see their scores.

How long do users have access to the Reflect™ product?

Once the license key, received by purchasers is activated, access to the Reflect™ report and related resources is good for 3 years.

What are the benefits of using the Reflect tool in my program?

The Reflect™ tool is a virtual executive coach, thereby maximizing your school and program’s resources. Free online facilitator training is also available to assist you in  understanding how best to help your students interpret individual results.

Additionally, you can review aggregate data about your students to compare them over time or to benchmark them against students from other graduate programs or business professionals, thus allowing you to develop leadership training programs that fit your needs.

What makes the Reflect™ tool particularly applicable to graduate business students?

The Reflect™ product delivers results through the lens and in the language of business (rather than psychology or personality), making it more applicable to the graduate business school experience.  

Additionally, your students will not only gain valuable soft skills knowledge and information expected of today’s MBA, but the self-awareness and personal acumen that will allow them to better present themselves to prospective employers.

How will the Reflect™ tool prepare students for internship and post-graduate school job interviews?

By helping students truly understand their leadership skills, the Reflect™ tool provides them with the business vocabulary to describe how their skills and experiences are applicable to the internship or job and an asset to the organization.

Can schools use Reflect™ results to better understand incoming classes?

Data from the Reflect™ results will provide insights regarding your student body beyond undergraduate transcripts, test scores and resumes (or CVs), which can assist you in creating orientation activities, crafting cohorts, designing learning teams or building developmental programs targeted to your class.

The Reflect product can also be used as a complement to course activity around themes of leadership development, strategic vision, innovation, teamwork and much more.