Reflect™ Self-Assessment and Development Tool

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The Reflect™ self-assessment and development tool evaluates the 10 soft skills, or competencies, deemed critical by top executives, corporate recruiters, and business schools. Reflect’s personalized results can help guide leadership development and improve performance, whether an individuals is in business school, embarking on a career, or already established in the professional world.

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The Reflect™ tool is based on three academically and commercially proven world-class assessments from Hogan Assessments. It identifies a user’s personal and professional strengths, weaknesses, and core drivers for 10 soft skills, or competencies, identified as essential for success in today’s workplace. Users receive actionable development tips based on their scores; unique career benchmarking data to help them understand the skills that are critical for success in 14 job categories; and access for three years to an online library of valuable learning resources.

The Reflect™ tool is an assessment-driven tool that evaluates the professional qualities top executives, corporate recruiters, and business schools recognize as critical for success in today’s workplace.

After taking the three-part assessment, users will receive:

  • A personalized report that details their leadership potential in 10 competencies.
  • A list of behaviors to start, stop, and keep doing, and actionable tips to help them implement those behaviors.
  • Learning resources, including articles, book summaries, and videos, chosen based on their scores.
  • A virtual library of more than 1,000 learning resources.
  • Career benchmarking information that explains which competencies are most important for performance in 14 job categories.
  • The ability to create a workplan of learning resources, actions, and tips and track progress.

Once you purchase the Reflect tool, a license key for each assessment purchased will be emailed to you, along with instructions on how to activate the key. Upon activation, users will be required to create an account to take the assessment. Note that a license key can only be used once, and users will have access to the product for three years following activation.

The assessment is available in 22 languages; the assessment results are delivered in English.


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    Intel Core™ Duo 1.33GHz or faster processor
    Display Resolution 1024 by 768
    256MB of RAM
  • Apple iPad

Software: This program requires Adobe® Flash® version 9 or higher to view learning content

Operating Systems:  Microsoft Windows XP; Microsoft Windows Vista; Microsoft Windows 7; Microsoft Windows 8; Mac OS X v10.5 or later; and, iOS 5.0 + 

Browsers:  Internet Explorer 7.0+; Firefox 16.x +; and, Chrome 21.x +, Safari 3.x+

The Reflect™ tool is available for $99.99

Bulk discounts are available, please email for more details.