Accommodations for Test Takers with Disabilities

We are committed to providing access to the GMAT™ exam by offering reasonable accommodations to test takers with disabilities in accordance with applicable law.

Testing accommodations are available for test takers who meet certain eligibility criteria and properly document their request.

For test takers with documented disabilities who qualify for an accommodation, accommodations may include the following:

  • Additional testing time (all tests are timed)
  • Additional or extended rest breaks
  • Allowance of a medical device in the testing rooms
  • A trackball mouse
  • A reader who can read the test items to the test taker and record test taker responses
  • A recorder to record test taker responses
  • Enlarged font on the PC monitor
  • A sign language interpreter

To request test accommodations, test takers should take the following steps:

  • Download the GMAT Handbook (pdf) and read it carefully.
  • Download the Supplement for Test Takers with Disabilities (pdf) and review it carefully.
  • Complete the GMAT Test Accommodations Request Form found in the Supplement.
  • Obtain supporting documentation describing the need for accommodation. To ensure that the documentation is complete, review the Guidelines for Documentation in the Supplement.
  • Send completed GMAT Test Accommodations Request Form and all supporting documentation, along with the test fee (US$ 250), to Pearson VUE at one of the following addresses:

+1(952) 681-3681

Standard Mail:
Pearson VUE
Attention: GMAT Disability Services
PO Box 581907
Bloomington, MN 55458-1907

Express Mail / Courier Service:
Pearson VUE
Attention: GMAT Disability Services
5601 Green Valley Drive, Ste. 220
Bloomington, MN 55437

GMAT test takers requesting test accommodations are strongly encouraged to submit all of the required forms and information well in advance of the desired testing date. The forms and supporting documentation must be reviewed to determine whether the request is adequately supported and to identify appropriate accommodations, consistent with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) or applicable law.

A decision regarding an accommodation request may take up to six to eight weeks.

The following comfort aids do not require a GMAT Test Accommodations Request Form:

  • Eyeglasses and hearing aids
  • Pillow for supporting neck, back, or injured limb
  • Neck braces or collars
  • Insulin pump, if attached to your body (Medical equipment not attached to your body requires an accommodation request.)