Video transcript: Get Ahead in Your Career with GMAC Professional Development Opportunities

Tami Fassinger: So one of the things that I've always participated in as has all of the professional development kinds of things where I've made sure that people on the staff that report to me get the chances to go, if not every year, at least every other year to something. And one of the things that I value highly is we have great programming through GMAC for people new to the business.

Michael Tarantino: So GMAC also offers a lot of different training opportunities or networking events or the GMAC Annual Conference, and those are really good opportunities to be able to hear from other schools, other programs, even sometimes from schools that might be right down the block from where you're located.

Betsy Kacizak: I value that they help connect the graduate management community in a variety of different ways, whether it's connecting us person to person, whether it's connecting us with data and trends, it really helps us to understand kind of our role and the greater impact that we have on the global community.