Webinar | Insights and Tools for Optimized Outreach: GMAC Global Candidate Segmentation

November 17, 2016


Join GMAC for an in-depth presentation on the Global Graduate Management Education Candidate Segmentation Study.

Business schools today operate in an increasingly competitive environment. Globalization and technology have changed the dynamic between schools and candidates from one-way selection to a mutual discovery process. This dynamic has created new challenges and opportunities, and business schools need new insights and tools to identify, target, and effectively market their programs to the right mix of candidates.

To address this need, GMAC partnered with Ipsos, a leading global market research firm, to develop a global segmentation model that provides actionable insights about graduate business school candidates. Designed specifically around what motivates candidates to pursue a graduate management degree and how they select a school, the research has identified seven well-defined, mutually-exclusive global candidate segments.

How can you leverage these findings to help reach candidates you may not normally target, match with students who are a great fit for your program and enhance your pipeline efforts? 

Join us for a complementary one-hour webinar to:

  • Learn more about the study
  • Meet the segments
  • Understand global nuances
  • Discover how to implement the study’s key findings at your business school

For more information about the segments, visit gmac.com/segments.


Hear from the GMAC Team:

  • Betty Su, GMAC Vice President and CMO
  • Matt Hazenbush, GMAC Research Communications Manager

Webinar Files

Missed the webinar, or need a refresher? Watch the recorded webinar on demand, and download the handout when it is convenient for you.

Webinar: Global Segmentation Video

Webinar: Global Segmentation Presentation