Webinar: REFLECT on What Your Employers Want

Thursday | July 17, 2014 | 11 am EDT | 4 pm BST


REFLECT on What Your Employers Want

Corporate Recruiters have said for years that business schools are the best at preparing their students to think strategically and analytically.  But, what they don’t do as good of a job preparing their students with the soft skills required to enter a competitive labor market and advance their career. 

In this 60 minute webinar, we will share with you insights from the GMAC Corporate Recruiters Survey, and the skills employers expect from your graduates.  Hogan Assessments, a leader in soft skills development, will provide a frame work around how assessment tools can be used to identify core-behaviors that affect the way we are perceived by others and consequently our long term success. 

Finally, we will introduce you to Reflect by GMAC, a soft skills assessment and development tool designed to heighten your students’ self-awareness by arming them with a deeper understanding of how they approach challenges, solve problems, and interact with others. Powered by Hogan Assessments (with input from more than 800 Corporate recruiters), Reflect will provide your students with resources that will help them become more effective on teams, in cohort settings, in the corporate interview, and beyond.

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Learn from the following GMAC Staff:

  • Betsy McIntyre, Director, Consumer Products 
  • Betsy Kacizak, Senior Manager, Professional Education & Training 
  • Special Guest: Hogan Assessments