Webinar | European Application Trends 2019

November 6, 2019

Join GMAC Research as we discuss global demand for GME and do a deep dive into the state of the market for European programs.

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Gain useful insights as we break down our annual Application Trends Survey—the largest and most frequently cited survey of its kind in the industry.

This webinar reviews and provides commentary on: 

  • Global demand for GME
  • International student mobility 
  • Application trends to European MBA programs, including full-time one-year and executive programs
  • Application trends to European business master’s programs, including Master in Management and Master in Finance 
  • Brexit and its impact on applications to the United Kingdom

This complimentary webinar is of particular interest to business school professionals working in the functional areas of admissions, recruitment, and marketing, in addition to business school leaders generally. 

Following the 30-minute presentation, webinar registrants will have the opportunity to continue the dialogue in a Q&A session with the presenters. 


Matt Hazenbush, Research Communications Senior Manager 

Gregg Schoenfeld, Senior Director, Research 


Deborah Somers, Regional Director, Europe