Webcast: Using GMASS and Market Intelligence to Recruit for Your Next Class

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GMASS WebcastIn this webcast, you will be introduced to GMASS, a searchable database of GMAT and pre-GMAT candidates, and learn how GMASS can assist you in finding candidates that meet your program needs, as well as tips and tricks to maximize your search criteria.

In addition, we will explore how GMAC research, specifically the Prospective Students Survey, will aid you in understanding what motivates and drives candidates to pursue a graduate management degree. Using the interactive research tool, you will have the ability to customize the data collected on a variety of demographic and behavioral characteristics that closely match what you can extract from the GMASS database. View the webcast and presentation.

Key Takeaways 

  • Understanding of the GMASS Search Service
  • Knowledge of GMAC research
  • How best to combine multiple GMAC resources to maximize your recruiting strategies and tactics


  • Paula McKay, Director, Customer Care 
  • Gregg Schoenfeld, Director, Management Education Research

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