Webcast: Engagement Techniques

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Engagement TechniquesGMAC has partnered with expert speaker, Kathy Reiffenstein, from And…Now Presenting! to create a webcast on Engagement Techniques to help you better connect with your audience. In this webcast, you will learn how to engage an audience using a variety of tips and tricks to keep them focused and participative. View the webcast and presentation.

Key Takeaways 

  • Engagement methods to keep your audience involved and enthusiastic.


  • Kathy Reiffenstein, founder and President of And…Now Presenting!
    Passionate about promoting the critical skill of effective business communication, Kathy’s career spans more than two decades of educating executives on how to realize their potential to influence audiences. Kathy’s hands-on, personable style means each client becomes the best presenter possible, confident and effective in front of any group.

    As a skilled speaker and trainer, Kathy has engaged audiences of 10 to 500. She was recently part of the Corporate Ambassador Program with Vital Voices Global Partnership where she spoke to women’s business organizations at conferences in Lagos, Nigeria, and Nairobi, Kenya. At these sessions, Kathy spoke about the power of persuasive communication and personal branding to create greater success for these African women in their businesses.

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