Webinar: Going Places: Mobility in Management Education

Thursday | March 7, 2013 | 11 AM EST


Going Places: Mobility in Management Education

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This free GMAC webinar was designed to offer insights about mobility among prospective students in the business school talent pipeline, and focused on the portable skills and international careers that make GME degree-holders valuable members of the global workforce.

Population changes and economic forces have traditionally affected trends in business school candidates’ study preferences. These shifts are also influenced by new initiatives related to immigration policies, national marketing and global recognition of schools, increased access and English-language teaching, and growing interest in recruiting talent from untapped markets.

The webinar on March 7, Going Places: Mobility in Management Education offered a behind-the-scenes view of this dynamic recruitment landscape for graduate management education. By tracking score-sending patterns, schools can gauge potential applicant pipelines to identify new sources of talent. In addition, schools can more effectively engage these prospects by sharing the trends about the skill sets and career paths that make them valuable members of the global workforce. GMAC analysts presented GMAT examinee data from the Geographic Trend Report series, alongside information from across GMAC research surveys. 

In addition, the webinar included a discussion of the following: 

  • Emerging study destinations and key shifts in regional and domestic talent pools
  • Top places of talent origin and their preferred destinations
  • Score-sending tendencies by gender, age, and background
  • Survey findings about what makes a destination attractive for study 
  • Opportunities for GMAT-using schools to locate and reach international talent
  • Skills that create mobile career opportunities for grads
  • Mobility in the career goals of prospects

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Hear from the following members of GMAC staff in this webinar recording:

  • Alex Chisholm, Director of Statistical Analysis, Research and Development
  • Betsy Kacizak, Professional Education & Training, Senior Manager
  • Gregg Schoenfeld, Director of Management Education Research, Research and Development 
  • Michelle Sparkman-Renz, Director, Research Communications, Research and Development

Additional Resources

Read more about GMAC data and international student mobility in the following: 

Submit any data or discussion questions in advance to research@gmac.com with “Mobility webinar” as the subject line.

Webinar Files

Webinar Files