Recruiting Intelligence: Using Student Decision-Making and School Selection Criteria to Drive Messaging

October 19, 2010 | 11:30 AM EDT | Online Program


This free GMAC webinar was designed to offer tips and insights about student recruitment in the business school talent pipeline and included a discussion of the topic “Recruitment is both an art and a science.” The webinar provided insights on how admissions professionals must find the right balance between the science – using market analysis and data to help locate talent – and the art – crafting the right messages so that they resonate with the right candidate.  Researchers discussed how the Registrants Survey can be a helpful tool to help strike the right balance including providing insights into the attitudes, thoughts, preferred study locations, timelines, and intentions of prospective business students.

The October 19, 2010 webinar Recruiting Intelligence: Using Student Decision-Making and School Selection Criteria to Drive Messaging took a deeper look at new data in the Registrants Survey conducted by GMAC. Researchers offered insights about different target group populations, communication channels, and timing that may have the most impact on recruitment strategies for domestic and international talent.

Findings for different target populations were shared in the presentation, which included a focus on: Women (US, Chinese, and Indian), as well as US African Americans and Hispanics, and citizens from Germany, France, and the United Kingdom.

Webinar Files

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  • Gregg Schoenfeld, Director, Management Education Research, GMAC
  • Michelle Sparkman Renz, Director, Research Communications, GMAC
  • Sabrina White, Member Services Specialist, GMAC

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