Concurrent Sessions III

Thursday | January 23 | 2014 | 7:45 pm - 9:00 PM

Branding Your Business School Portfolio 
(Repeated from Thursday, January 23 at 1 pm)
Las Olas V 
In today’s competitive landscape, your school needs to determine how to differentiate its MBA program. Do you have a unique brand?  Are your marketing materials consistently promoting this brand?  Sensing the need to set itself apart from other programs in the region, the University of Kansas School of Business conducted a branding and messaging exercise to identify its points of differentiation. Representatives from the school and its marketing partner will share highlights from this process and provide insights on how to guide your business school brand in the right direction.

Neeli Bendapudi, Dean and H.D. Price Professor in Business, KU School of Business, University of Kansas
Jim Brown, Partner and Chief Operating Officer, Muller Bressler Brown  

The Influence Equation: The Art and Science of Persuasion 
Rio Vista
Whether you’re working with students and alumni, presenting solutions to a problem, or motivating your team in times of change, your ability to influence others is paramount. In addition to reviewing essential skills and tools, you’ll learn a systematic approach to prepare for and conduct influential conversations, produce more effective interactions, and achieve better business results.

Stevenson Carlebach, President, Eque LLC

Top Trends in MBA Curricular Innovation
Las Olas IV
Many programs are experimenting with curricular change to deepen their brand identity and expand their reach to new student and industry market segments through shifts in content, pedagogy, and delivery formats. This session is based on the latest trends in graduate management education and the MBA Roundtable’s Curricular Innovation Study. You’ll hear highlights of how b-schools are responding to change and learn about the initiatives and impact of the Innovator Award finalist and other award-winning schools.

Joe Fox, Associate Dean and Director of MBA Programs, Olin School of Business, Washington University in St. Louis
Erin K. O’Brien, Assistant Dean and Director of Graduate Programs, School of Management, SUNY University at Buffalo
Moderator: Anne M. Ferrante, Executive Director, MBA Roundtable

Moving to a Talent Management Paradigm: Aligning Admissions, Programming, and Career Services
Las Olas V
In addition to educating students, business schools are in the business of talent management, which requires a deep integration of recruitment, admissions, programming, and career functions. This session features a presentation from an MBA program that uses a talent management perspective to integrate its core departments, followed by a facilitated discussion with session attendees to explore existing strategies and generate new ideas. Participants will leave the session with a list of concrete, actionable strategies to better align recruitment, admissions, programming, and career services.

Facilitator: Kevin Frey, Managing Director, Full-time MBA, Rotman School of Management, University of Toronto