The Next Big Thing in Program Offerings

Wednesday | January 23 | 2013 | 7:30 pm - 8:45 PM

Program offerings have expanded from the traditional full-time MBA program to a diverse portfolio of programs that differ in scope, focus, and delivery. Yet, given program innovation possibilities, how can school administrators make more informed decisions about what courses to offer or what program development strategies to pursue - decisions that fit their unique business school characteristics and meet market needs and desires? This session will present GMAC data that shows where the demand is for specific course offerings, as well as recent trends in new program and specialization development, information that will set the stage for an open discussion on what audience members are doing in response to market changes and opportunities. The intent is to think about new program development and course offering strategies in a different way to create a truly sustainable competitive advantage.  
Rachel Edgington, Market Research Director, Graduate Management Admission Council