Concurrent Sessions I

Wednesday | January 26 | 2011 | 8:15 pm - 9:45 PM

The Challenges of Cross-Border Employment 
With MBA programs wanting to attract a more diverse and international student body, what challenges do business schools face in placing non-domestic students after graduation? In this session, you will learn how global recruitment really works from a leading organization that recruits hundreds of MBAs worldwide. You will also learn what corporate recruiters look for in MBAs, including current hiring trends and statistics. Finally, two panelists with large international student bodies will share their best practices and strategies for success in cross-border employment.

Kip Harrell, Associate Vice President, Career and Professional Development, Thunderbird School of Global Management
Diane Morgan, Associate Dean, Degree Programmes and Career Services, London Business School
Francisco Rodriguez, Director, University and Recruitment Marketing, Johnson & Johnson

Ethical Decision-Making for Leaders in Graduate Management Education
Business school leaders regularly face ethical dilemmas involving a complex set of stakeholders.  The most difficult of these decisions typically involve two or more justifiable alternatives—sometimes there are two right answers.  Richard Coughlan, an MBA program director and ethics professor, will guide you through several  common dilemmas and present a values-focused, decision-making process for resolving them.  This interactive session will make certain that the next  time you are faced with one of these ‘right versus right’ ethical dilemmas, you’ll have a framework in place for helping you work through it.

Richard Coughlan, Senior Associate Dean, Robins School of Business, University of Richmond

The Juggling Act: Balancing the Demands of Multiple Program Offerings

With the proliferation of graduate business degree programs, , it has become essential for schools to effectively manage and maintain a varied portfolio. This session will explore the challenges and benefits of managing a portfolio with multiple graduate degree offerings, from specialized masters and dual degrees to blended delivery models and multiple MBA formats.  The panelists will discuss the synergies that exist across their programs as well as the associated delivery challenges.  Attendees can then share their experiences and ideas for best allocating resources, structuring staff and faculty, designing curricula, and marketing a portfolio of programs.

Dina Dommett, Associate Dean for Programs, London School of Economics and Political Science
Kay Keck, Vice President, Full-time Programs, Thunderbird School of Global Management
Joe LiPuma, Professor and Director, International MBA Program, EMLYON Business School

Millennials on Board: Understanding and Educating the Business School Millennial
Each generation has its own unique characteristics and the Millennial Generation is no different.  As these students arrive in our business school classrooms, it is important that we understand where they are coming from, what they are looking for, and how to leverage their talent.  Rachel Reiser, author of Millennials on Board: The Impact of the Rising Generation on the Workplace, will examine the characteristics of this generation.  Rachel will share with the audience some of the experiential factors that impact this generation’s outlook and assumptions for their educational and work environments, and the associated highlights and hurdles these present.  This session will conclude with a dialogue on  how to work with Millennials as business students and how to best prepare them for the workplace.

Rachel Reiser, Associate Dean, Academic Services, Franklin W. Olin Graduate School of Business, Babson College