Closing Plenary: Purpose-led Leadership – Creating Leaders of a Sustainable Future

Tuesday | November 15 | 2016 | 4:30 pm - 5:30 AM
Riley Auditorium

Carrie is an entrepreneur who specialises in developing more long-term profitable, open, human businesses - both start ups and established organisations. She started her first ‘venture' at 5 years old and founded her first successful start up at 25. Her wake-up call came in 2010 when she realised profit and success had clouded her personal purpose, forcing her to make radical changes to her life and leadership style. At 32, she established a 'purpose-led' start up investment fund and accelerator to be part of changing the face of business. In this closing plenary, Carrie will define “Purpose-led Leadership” and its impact on long term value and sustainable business. She will review how you can impact the graduate management education community to identify and nurture their purpose, and how business schools can develop “Purpose-led Leaders” who impact the business world positively.

Carrie Bedingfield, Entrepreneur, business growth and business communication expert, investor and guest lecturer