Breaking Down Bias in Admissions

Tuesday | November 15 | 2016 | 3:15 pm - 4:15 PM
Riley Auditorium

Is your admissions process fair? Most business schools say yes, but few are aware of the inevitable presence of bias when they’re reviewing their applicants. It’s a hard thing to recognize, especially since bias is often the product of our upbringing and group dynamics, but the impact it has on a school's ability to successfully identify their strongest applicants is undeniable. While you can’t completely eliminate bias, you can design your review process to ensure each applicant is reviewed as fairly as possible. This session will analyse research on the prevalence of bias in business school admissions, the impact it has school-wide, and present proven methods to reduce bias in your review process. The goal? To ensure your school is making smarter, more consistent admissions decisions to build the strongest cohort possible.

Emilie Cushman, Founder, Kira Talent