Admissions Consultants Panel

Thursday | November 10 | 2016 | 10:00 pm - 11:00 PM
Sasin Hall, 9th floor, Sasa Patasala Building

Rajiv Ganjoo, Founder & CEO, White Glow Consulting Private Limited (India)
Bei Guo, Founder, EIC
David Setiwan, CEO, Toga Consulting (Indonesia)
April Thanarat, MBA Key (Thailand)
Nagitha Kumarasinghe, Director, Prep Zone (Singapore)
Lili Chen, Market Development Manager, Greater China, GMAC

In order to draw the right talent to our programs we need to understand the students’ mindset and motivations. What draws them to graduate management education in the first place? What interests them about particular schools and/or specific locations of study? Our panel of admissions consultants will explore with us these and more questions which we can parlay into actionable steps to find and recruit the best students for our programs.