Peer Facilitated Discussions II

Tuesday | November 24 | 2015 | 3:30 pm - 4:30 PM

Participants will have an opportunity to participate in a semi-structured group conversation, enabling you to ‘think out loud’ about ideas or specific challenges and benchmark best practices with peer schools.

Discussion 1:
Optimizing Student Recruitment Fairs and On Campus Events: For some schools, student recruitment fairs and on-campus events are an essential part of the outreach process, but how do you know whether you are getting a positive return on your investment? What materials should you take to fairs if any at all? What is the best format and what content should you deliver at an on-campus event to impact your yield? How do you best nurture attendees before, during and after an event to maximize your recruiting efforts? Same goes for on campus events? This session will do a deep dive on both student fairs and on campus events, reviewing best practices to optimize their effectiveness.

Discussion 2:
Best Practices and Ideas to Innovate your Conversion Yield: It hurts when all your hard work and efforts invested in attracting, convincing and finally admitting a candidate results in that candidate choosing another program. This session will focus on identifying new and innovative ways to effectively transition and engage admitted candidates to enrolled students.

Discussion 3:
Motivating your Team when the Overall Process is the same from Year to Year: As soon as you graduate a class, go on vacation, and come back are welcoming a new one to your programs. The admissions, recruiting, marketing, onboarding and program delivery functions need to feel unique and new to your participants, but after a couple of years they feel repetitive to you and to the people you work with. How do you motivate yourself and your team to ensure consistent quality and genuine customer service year over year? This session will help identify best practices and ideas to motivate you and your team when the overall process is the same from year to year.