Peer Facilitated Discussions I

Monday | November 23 | 2015 | 9:00 pm - 10:00 PM

Participants will have an opportunity to participate in a semi-structured group conversation, enabling you to 'think out loud' about ideas or specific challenges and benchmark best practices with peer schools.

Discussion 1:
Recruiting Women: GME’s Perennial Challenge: Diversification is the name of the Admissions/Recruiting game for all graduate management education institutions. This peer facilitated discussion will focus on strategies and ideas to better engage with women in the marketing and admissions process, thus impacting diversity in your institution.

Discussion 2:
Innovative Ideas in Recruiting and Admissions to Impact Engagement: Come prepared to share three crazy ideas or innovations you have recently implemented at your school to improve your team involvement, marketing/admissions operations and/or recruiting results to impact candidate engagement and thus program yield.

Discussion 3:
Onboarding and Orientation: The Key to Enrollment: If you’ve worked in Marketing and Admissions long enough, you know that a reservation fee payment is not enough to ensure final enrollment, especially for programs that attract a high percentage of international students. Candidates need information concerning student visas, accommodation, transitioning to student life, etc., in addition to program-related content. This session will focus on onboarding and orientation best practices including content delivered, timing, people involved, resources needed, etc.