Tomorrow's Talent Needs

Tuesday | November 3 | 2015 | 2:00 pm - 3:00 PM

As a global consulting firm, Mercer regularly survey the business community to better understand today’s workplace needs and highlight trends that might affect tomorrow’s workforce.  While there is currently a lot of talk about what “future of work” will look like going forward, are we there yet?  Tomorrow’s workforce will likely require leaders who are mobile, globally fluent and …what else?  This session explores the future workplace – what it will look like, what skills will be required, what technologies will be employed.  As well, culled from Mercer’s interviews with CEOs and employees, this session will highlight the gap between what companies are seeking in new hires and the expectations of those being hired.   This conversation will help set the stage for the panel discussion.

Speaker: Godelieve van Dooren, Information Solutions Business Lead, ASEAN, Mercer