B-Schools from a Corporate Perspective

Wednesday | November 13 | 2013 | 3:10 pm - 4:10 PM
Khemka Auditorium

Because the evolution to Business School 3.0 is inextricably linked to those who hire our graduates, we need a thorough understanding of how companies are evolving. What are corporate hiring needs today? How are these needs evolving, and where are the gaps between what they need and what we provide? What will Management 3.0 look like? What skills, competencies, or services can our schools teach or incorporate to ensure we remain relevant? Corporate panelists will share their companies’ current experiences and needs, with specific emphasis on gaps or opportunities in the hiring landscape. By sharing how their companies are evolving, the panelists will provide us with fresh insight onto what we should do to best prepare our students for Leadership 3.0.

Jayant Murty, Director, Intel Corp

Le Hong Phuc, Head of Human Resources, Samsung Vina Electronics, and Founder and President of Vietnam Human Resources Club (VNHR)

Arthur Wang, Recruitment Director, Deloitte China

Moderator: Nishchae Suri, Head, People and Change, and Partner - Management Consulting, KPMG