Push Content Beyond the Page

Friday | June 24 | 2016 | 1:00 pm - 2:15 PM

Peer Submitted ContentAs an institution, you have set a strategy to create more content. You have a plan and everyone is contributing. What happens next is the part most marketers and content managers struggle with. How will you push your content to prospective students? Gain strategies for developing data-driven content distribution techniques and cross-functional team workflows. Learn about organic and paid options for increasing reach of your content. This session will go beyond the concepts and focus on tactics that can increase the impact of your efforts. Topics covered will include: publishing techniques, paid social and native techniques, workflows and roles, repurposing content for multiple channels, analytics and measurement strategies, content sprints and trackers, and how to integrate time sensitive content into lead nurturing and communication flows.

Speaker: Chris Herring, Director of Digital Marketing, BARKLEYREI

Focus Area: Marketing