GME Market Demand Trends: A Look at Prospective Student Searchers

Thursday | June 23 | 2016 | 7:45 pm - 9:00 PM

There are over 80,000 searches for MBA and business school programs conducted on search engines globally every day.  Are you wondering what search trends might portend for your programs, and how you might capitalize on the underlying demand?  Building on GMAC trend data, this session will examine the top search trends gathered from an analysis of over 30 million global prospective student searches, and will demonstrate how you might use this information to manage your program portfolio and connect with these candidates using a variety of tactics, including the Graduate Management Admission Search Service® (GMASS®.)  You will leave this session more aware of how to explore new market demand information that can help inform your program capacity, planning and lead marketing.  

Speakers: Grant Sabatier, Vice President & Principal, Digital Strategy, Eduvantis; Paula McKay, Director, School Products, Graduate Management Admission Council (GMAC)

Focus Areas: Recruiting/Marketing/Branding