Annual Conference Video Shoot: 2016

This is your chance to be a star!

This is your chance to participate in our 2016 GMAC Annual Conference video shoot.

Help us promote GMAC, the GMAT® exam, and graduate management education, and we'll help you promote you and your program to the more than 700,000 visitors each month on and! 

Sign-up is easy.

Just visit our online sign-up page and choose a time on Wednesday, June 22 or Thursday, June 23. We expect slots to fill up fast, so hurry to the site! After you sign up, we’ll follow up via email personally to review a topic and questions.

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What’s involved?

We value your testimonial. We've hired a professional video production team to help us capture testimonials from a select group of conference participants that address topics such as GMASS, the GMAT exam, GMAC professional development opportunities, GMAC research products, etc.

See below for a sample video from one of our previous shoots.

"We use GMASS extensively to get leads in certain areas especially looking at demographics like age, location and work experience. It helps us to do targeted outreach in markets we're not familiar with."

Maryke Luijendijk-Steenkamp
Director Marketing and Admissions
Rotterdam School of Management

Maryke, GMASS Testimonial

What’s required?

Just 30 minutes of your time and your invaluable insight. Upon signing up for a time slot, we’ll contact you with the topic we’d like you to address, depending on your role in your program, the tools you use, and your involvement with GMAC, so that you’ll have plenty of time to prepare.

What can I expect on the day of the shoot?

  • Arrive early. Please arrive 10 minutes prior to your session so that we can check you in, having you sign a release form, and touch you up with some make-up.

  • Dress appropriately. Dress professionally and don't wear green, as we will be shooting in front of a green screen. Please come prepared to answer the questions that we will review with you prior to the session. Also:
    • Avoid wearing a bright red or green shirt (since the interviews will be on green screen) 
    • Try to avoid tight patterns - this can create an odd zigzag pattern on film 
    • Try not to wear an all-white or all-black shirt - an all-white shirt will appear too bright on camera (this does not mean you cannot wear white or black - i.e., a white shirt can be worn under a blazer), no turtlenecks, wear jewelry in moderation
    •  If possible, try to wear something that’s buttoned down - the benefit of a buttoned down shirt is that it provides a good place to attach the microphone
  • Know that you're in good hands. Interviews will be conducted in an isolated environment, with lights, sound gear, cameras, and other professional production equipment. Despite the environment, interviewees should feel comfortable, and the Director will be responsible for guiding the interviewee through the process. Interviews will be short and your statements will be more in the form of “soundbites” so you won’t need to rehearse or memorize lengthy scripts. In order to solicit natural responses from you:
    • There will be multiple takes to obtain an effective brief soundbite - so, there's no pressure to deliver lines within the specified time frame  
    • Take time to deliver a response to a specific question or statement  
    • The Director may ask a prompt question or two to help with responses 
    • Topic points will be sent prior to the interview to provide some background information

What’s in it for me?

In exchange for your time, we’ll transform your comments into a short, professionally produced video that will be featured on or (depending on the content). Both offer ideal opportunities for you to promote your program to thousands of potential candidates.

Oh, and we’ll kick in a free gift card for your time that you can use during the conference!


  • What: Video shoot for a total time commitment of 30 minutes
  • When: Dates and times are as follows:
    Wednesday | June 22 | 9am – 7pm | 30-minute increments
    Thursday | June 23 | 9am – 6pm | 30-minute increments
  • Where: the Conference hotel, Marriott Marquis, 901 Massachusetts Ave. NW, Washington, DC

Who should I contact for additional information?

Please note, this invitation is being sent to you, and so it is not transferable to one of your colleagues. If you have questions, please feel free to contact Alex Kasten at or +1 (301) 335-9435. After you sign up using the online tool, Alex will be in touch with you personally to review questions and provide further details as we get closer to the event.

We hope you will consider participating in this video shoot, and we look forward to seeing you in Washington, DC and perhaps on one of our websites!

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