Unleash Your Creative Vision

Friday | June 26 | 2015 | 1:00 pm - 2:15 PM
Governor's Square 16

Described as one of the most versatile photographers of his generation, Dick Durrance helps individuals use the visual power of their minds to see their lives and organizations in a new light. In this session, he will help you transform problems into results by using the visual potential of your mind to see challenges as a whole and the analytical power of your mind to create step-by-step solutions. Immerse yourself in this creative experience in which Dick will share with you his adventures shooting National Geographic assignments, global advertising campaigns, and the world’s great golf courses to introduce three key ideas for unleashing your creative vision. He will also lead you through a series of exercises in which you use your phone camera to apply three key ideas to your life.

Dick Durrance, Ideas and Images Unlimited