Best Practices in CRM Implementation

Thursday | June 25 | 2015 | 6:00 pm - 7:15 PM
Governor's Square 11

A good CRM system is much more than just a software system. It is a way of doing business and interacting with prospects, admits, current students, and more. In his role as President of consulting firm Demand Engine, Tim Copeland has worked extensively with schools and universities to help them get the most impact from their CRM systems. In this session, Tim reviews the top factors that can greatly influence a school's success with its CRM system, as well as detailed case studies with two schools to help uncover some tips, tricks, and best practices in CRM implementation.

Tim Copeland, President, Demand Engine
Pauline Cheung, Assistant Director, HKUST MBA Programs, Hong Kong University of Science and Technology
Ryan Frazee, Director, Recruitment & Admissions, Masters Programs, INCAE Business School