Best Practices in Building Enrollment-Driven Websites

Thursday | June 25 | 2015 | 6:00 pm - 7:15 PM
Governor's Square 10

National surveys indicate that websites are the most frequently used tool for prospective students when researching a school. Drawing from eight years of user research, this session will use real case studies to illustrate the key design and content priorities for prospects, including site organization, interactive features, use of photography, calls to action, program content, and pricing information. The session will also present a plan for using analytics and metrics to demonstrate impact. From these basics, we'll walk through how to turn the website into an active marketing platform that improves lead generation, drives conversions, and increases overall visibility into the recruitment funnel. Following the session, you will have a vision for enrollment-driven websites and a handful of tactics that you can immediately apply to improve your website.

Jason Smith, Managing Director & Founder, OHO Interactive